Saturday, January 10, 2009

About Yamaha Bykes

Yamaha RD 350

Hi, I’m Avinash Chhetri, one of the newest members of the marketing department at Yamaha Motor , having joined the team in May of 2008.

Since I spent the majority of my pre-Yamaha public relations career in the tourism and hospitality industry, I had a lot on my plate when I started here. Crank shafts, air cooled engines, torque … it may as well have been Spanish! With so much to learn and so many bikes to choose from I knew I needed to get started somewhere.

Keeping in mind that dirt is softer than concrete I thought dirt bikes would be the perfect place to start! Who knew getting dirty could be so much fun! I was immediately hooked and can’t wait to get back out in the spring!

Technical Specifications:-

1.2 Stroke
2.4 Speed Gearbox
3.Top Speed- 115 kmph
4.Fuel Efficiency - 30-35 km/litres (who cares when it is YAMAHA)

It was in 1980s the Indian Govt decided to allow Foreign manufacturers to sell bikes in India,partnering with existing Indian Companies.Yamaha has partnered with Escorts to release the Yamaha RX100 2 stroke bike with 13bhp which was considered as the best then in terms of handling,pickup and top speed.I add even THE BEAT to that list.

But the strict emission norms enforced by the Govt of India in mid 90's has lead to a ban on 2 storke vehicles.The last 2 stroke vehicle released by Yamaha in India was Yamaha RX135 -135cc,5 Speed.

My love for this Bike has made me to do a bit Googling which got me quite a lot of interesting info.My search started as usually with BRAND and its meaning and thus ended with its history.

Let's take a look at what actually the word YAMAHA means in Japanese......

First character 'YAMA' means a mountain. Next character 'HA' means a leaf or leaves.So, YAMAHA means 'mountain leaves' in Japanese.

For more on info on KANJI (alphabets in Japanese) check the below given link
History of Yamaha
Yamaha India

Even today this RX100 can give a tough competition to any of the bikes running in India in terms of Speed,Pickup and the last but not the least THE BEAT.It is this beat that made or rather I say still making Guys to go crazy .Not a big surprise that even today this bike has got a good market value in the Second Hand Market.And the most important thing, it is the only bike which can carry off very well any kind of alteration,annnnnny kind of.. say a cut in the muffler,small sized handle,raised mud guards,double colour to the Petrol Tank,double speedometer,you name it, this bike will carry off with Elan.

The very first bike that I ever got to ride is Yamaha RX 100 :-) but, I deeply regret that I couldn't own one :-(.

If I have to own one now,I have to content myself with a second hand one.But,still it's worth it.